Dream. Draw. Make.

Since 1996 we continue to represent a professional interior design and architecture studio. Born after The 1989 Revolution, we dreamed of creating a strong and positive foundation for the future. It was appropriate back then to build something new and so we developed our first instruments, more precisely, a studio and a workshop because the idea of drawing and creativity existed only in our imagination without having the proper space to express it.

Twins Studio was founded by the architect Alice Mihai who named the studio after her twin kids and was carried further into the future by one of them as a family heritage. Designer Mihai Popescu pursues to share the same quintessence by creating inspiring places that prevails in attention for details designed to be framed in the eyes of the observer like a genuine souvenir.

The philosophy of Twins Studio is oriented towards public space and the perpetual wish is to share our projects with a larger community. We pride ourselves for being innovative and bold in creating outstanding spaces, but also being recognized as an award winning design and architecture company.

2019 – Restaurant Uanderful – Frame Night Fever 6
2016 – Shortlisted at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Londra
2015 – Winner at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Londra     Interview: Mihai Popescu, Twins Studio
2014 – Shortlisted at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Londra
2013 – Shortlisted at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Londra
2013 – Shortlisted at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Frame and Moooi design awards, Milano

Twins Studio is a leading design company in Romania. Our team is led by owner and designer Mihai Popescu along with creative interior architects, skilled artists who had succeeded to grow in time. We are content to have accomplished a diversity of projects that stand-out in every detail including restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and residential properties.

We have created decoration and scenography for shows, television and private events. From small projects to international exhibitions, we designed and furnished many commercials and residential buildings – starting from the layout to the design and production of furniture.

Regarding our workshop we are proud of our elite reputation among the furniture industry. Sustaining our traditional artistry and “le savoir faire” of our creative craftsmen, painters, artisans we assure that preserving art crafts is in fact continuity of a beautiful legacy.

We don’t depend on exterior suppliers and we are prepared to manufacture any product in our workshop, being equipped with the best instruments available, but most of all, with patience and involvement in our work. Our company is protective with life and environment and also recycles by creating new from the old.

Our brand aims at a simple approach of combining business objectives and market requirements with our creativity and methodology to deliver quality products.


M.P. “The attention for details is born in the heart, exposed in the fine lines of a sketch and fueled by a unique desire to create wonderful objects.”